Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Kick off Your Heels - acceptances!

We are pleased to announce that the following artists shoes have been accepted and will be included in the Kick off Your Heels fundraiser sale!

Frances Holliday Alford - Korean Festival Shoes
Lisa Chin - Marie Antoinette
Hoodie Crescent - Cuddly pumps
Susan Brubaker Knapp - Hope with Wings
Barb Forrister - Peacock High Heels
Marilyn Fromherz -Steampunk Steppers
Terry Grant - I'm wearing my heart on my heels
Desiree Habicht - Forest Fairy Shoes
Leslie Tucker Jenison - Women Fly When Men Aren’t Looking
Lyric Kinard - Dancing to the beat
Heidi Lund - Fall into Glamour
Linda Teddie Minton - Treasure Hunt
Jeannie Moore - Ruby Slippers
Michele Muska - Silent Killer
Pam Poling - Big Red Had A Bubbly Laugh
Yvonne Porcella - Heart Soul
Sabine Schneider - Chess is Breaking my Heart
Carol Sloan - Flying Above The Fray
Virginia Spiegel - Call of the Wild
Natalya Sumner - Walking Through Life's Garden
Victoria Findlay Wolfe - Crazy 4 U

Sue Bleiweiss - Silk Flowers
Jamie Fingal - Heavy Metal Heels

We will be posting details with all the specifics about the sale in a few days.


  1. So excited! Thank you so much Sue and Jamie for doing this and raising money for women! I am so proud to be a part of something so important as Women's Heart Health! Thank you again for all you hard work in organizing this, making it happen, and having a caring heart which is making a difference for all of us!

  2. So happy to be a part fo this! I love the whole idea, and Am so tempted to make a pair I can actually wear! I hope mine go a to good, scrap loving, home! Thanks!

  3. Thank you! So glad I am able to participate. Thanks so much Jamie and Sue!

  4. Wow! This is great - I am so happy to be part of this terrific event! Take care, Pam

  5. This was such a fun project to work on. Thanks for the opportunity and for all you do. It's going to be a wonderful event! Can't wait for the fun to start!