Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Forest Fairy Shoes come to life!

Welcome everyone! My name is Desiree Habicht and I am thrilled that you are considering decorating a pair of shoes for this important charity. When I was asked to be a part of the kick off I was thrilled. I want to encourage you to become a part of the "Kick off your Heels" event by joining our group of artists that are going to try and make a difference for Womens Heart Health. Stir up your creative juices and jump in with us!

I am going to share my magical secrets for the construction of the Forest Fairy shoes that were made especially for the Forest Fairy Summers Ball! The story of the shoes is at the end of this post.

1. First I had to find the right shoes, ones that would be able to carry all the gathered materials and still be able to trip the light fantastic, I found these shoes which were perfect! The first thing I did was gesso them black!

I then even decided to gesso the shoebox they came in, I think I might paint it to look like wood!
I then painted the inside of the shoes with copper metallic paint and copper glitter. I found a wonderful coppery wire edged ribbon that I cut the wire off of and decoupaged the ribbon onto the shoes. I then took some magical Fairy Art and decoupaged it onto the front and back of the shoes. I used Gel medium but Mod Podge would also have worked. 

Next I glued moss onto the shoe platform and glued colored, decorative thread/ cord onto the shoe in circles and then around the little art pieces. Next I took ribbon and covered the heel.
I took my husbands drill and drilled tiny holes around the top edge of the shoe and wired the berries around the opening. I then glued white moss around the thread circles and made them look like moss forest flowers and added leaves. I then wired on the bow at the toe of the shoe and glued the wooden flower on top of the bow.

I then added another bow on the heel of the shoe and put a small birds nest into it. I finished off the Forest Fairy Shoes with small pearls and red berries that are set into the moss. I added some pretty blue flowers around the white wooden flower on the toe for more color and Wa La, finished.

 This is the story.....
If you happen to be in the Forest on a warm summers night and you hear the soft rustling of the leaves, its the wind playing the melody for the Fairy Ball and you have stumbled into the magic! On special summer nights the Forest Fairies gather and have the most amazing Summers Ball, dancing until all hours of the night. Their costumes and shoes are made just for these special events constructed from materials found in the forest and studded with treasures stolen from passers by without their knowledge. Once the festivities are over the Fairies hide their shoes in the Forest for the next Summer Ball where they will once again dance to the melody of nature, in the moonlight, under the stars, filling the forest with their magic!


  1. What an amazing transformation of a pair of high heels. So beautiful. Incrustations of beauty and delicacy in nature. Little hidden treasures amongst the foliage. Stunning.