Sunday, December 16, 2012

Ocean Dreaming

Jamie Fingal checking in to share my process for 'Ocean Dreaming.'  This pair began with burgundy snake skin-like high heels, and if you look in the left corner of the picture, you can see the original shoe.  I was painting a couple of pairs at one time, so that is why there are 4 high heels in the picture.  I painted them with white Gesso, to completely cover the burgundy color, inside and out

I began painting the exterior of the shoes with purple paint, and having the layers be uneven, so that there appeared to be a variety of shades of the color

Using puffy paint, I carefully began drawing swirls and other designs on the shoe.  The paint takes 4 hours to dry, so I would paint a section, then move to the next shoe, and then wait.

I used a fan brush to carefully add a touch of green metallic paint over the surface of the shoes, which added dimension

You can see it closer here

Then I carefully painted more purple acrylic paint in and around the designs
Then I decided that I really needed to use the puffy paint on the foot bed of the heels.  It brings it altogether!  The high heels were sealed with Liquitex Clear Gloss - 2 layers.

Just a little labor intensive, but at the end of the day, beauty prevails
Ocean Dreaming by Jamie Fingal