Monday, January 7, 2013

15 Minutes to Play with HEELS!

Hi Everyone, 
Victoria Findlay Wolfe here with some RED, smoking, hot, High heels! 

I was so excited to work on this project, that I barely let the dust settle after the UPS man put this box in my eager, creative, little hands...  Now, I do like a GREAT pair of heels,  ( I have only one pair that I covet...Mr. Jimmy Choo) but I deliberately bought these a size 6, so there would be NO chance that I would have a hard time giving these up...Because you see, I wear a size 12...LOL!  But really, I am 6' tall and I don't REALLY need to wear 5" heels... But that didn't  stop my daughter from trying them on and walking around in them...(scary)

First up was to make a pattern of my shoes. Using muslin and a sharpie, I curved the fabric around the shoe, drawing out the shape to give me a basic pattern.

Next, I used the muslin as my pattern, and "Made Fabric" and cut the shape out. I added a inner flap of red so I could easily fold that the inside to keep the shoe looking seamless.

 A pin here,
a bit of HOT glue here, dab there... It's been years since I used a glue gun, and I can add that the skin has now grown back on my finger tips...making this all stay together...LOL!

I grabbed some red velvet ribbon to seal up the edges, and make a cleaner line around the shoe.  Then added the Fun YELLOW zipper flowers, that I found in my "garment center" hood...I thought they added a nice ZING to the shoe. ( and a nod to the Inspirational Jamie's zipper work)

I had so much fun making these, It inspired me to think even MORE out of the box, then I already do! Just shows how taking 15 Minutes really can pay off... bit by bit...ideas come! 

Focusing on form rather then function, although, I may just have to go order me a pair of  size 12's now... then function would be my reality! (and not my 12 year old daughter's!) It is about the funniest thing you've ever seen, watching her ATTEMPT to walk around in these!
Thanks Sue and Jamie for asking me to play along!



  1. They're gorgeous Victoria! Jimmy would be proud to copy them. ;)

  2. Ahh, to be a size six...these are awesome, and very wearable. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. Those are fabulously creative, I wouldn't wear them but would love to own them for display!